Dansens Navn Koreograf Musik Solist Niveau
Rah-Rah Ooh La La Video Jo & John Kinser and Mark Furnell Bad Romance Lady Gaga Interm
Raise Your Glass Video Rachel McEnaney Pink Raise Your Glass Int/Adv
Rain Against My Window Video Michael Barr I Can't Stand The Rain Seal Interm
Rainfall Video Shane McKeever Rain On Me Ariana Grande & Lady Gaga Int/Adv
Rainmaker Video Niels Poulsen Rainmaker Emmelie de Forest Interm
Raised Like That Video Darren Bailey Raised Like That James Johnston Beg/Int
Raining Cats & Dogs Video Audrey Watson I Catched A Cold In Scotland Loco Loco Begin
Rama Lama Ding Dong Video Susanne Schalewa & Gert Wollschlager Rama Lama Ding Dong Rocky Sharp & The Replays Beg/Int
Rampampam Video Mark Furnell & Chris Godden Rampampam Minelli Beg/Int
Rap Das Arman Video John Warnars Rap Das Armas Cidinho & Doca Interm
Ray Of Light Video Simon Ward I Won't Give Up Jason Mraz Interm
Razor Sharp Video Stephen Sunter Lord Of The Dance Siamsa Interm
Ready...Aim...Bang! Video Scott Blevins and Kerry Maus Bang Taela Adv
Reason to Live Video Darren Bailey Reason To Live Citizen Soldier Int/Adv
Rebel Amor Video Roy Verdonk And Wil Box Rebel Amor Belle Perez Interm
Recovering Video Guillaume Richard Recovering Celine Dion Interm
Red Hot Rock 'n' Roller Video Gaye Teather Red Hot Rock 'n' Roller Dave Sheriff Beg/Int
Red Hot Salza Video Christina Browne Red Hot Salza Dave Sheriff Interm
Red Is The Rose Video Gary O'Reilly Red Is The Rose Orla Fallon Interm
Redo Your Thing Video Jean-Pierre Madge & Ryan Hunt Do Your Thing! Michael Medrano Interm
Remedy Video Maria Maag & Niels Poulsen Remedy Adele Adv
Replay Scott Blevins Pon De Replay Rihanna Interm
Respect Yourself Video Frankie Cull Respect Yourself The Weather Girls Interm
Reverse Video Jessica Devlin & Shane McKeever Reverse Sage the Gemini Adv
Revolution Video Fred Whitehouse Revolution Alisan Porter Adv
Rhyme Or Reason Video Rachel McEnaney It Happens Sugarland Beg/Int
Ribbon Of Highway Video Neil Hale Ribbon Of Highway Scooter Lee Interm
Ridin' Video Dave Ingram Ridin' Alone Rednex Beg/Int
Right Or Wrong Video Robbie McGowan Hickie You Were Right The McClymonth Beg/Int
Ring Ding Video Mark Furnell & Chris Godden Ring Ding Nathan Evans Interm
Ring My Bells Video Julia Wetzel Ring My Bells Enrique Iglesias Interm
Rio Video Diana Lowery Patricia Mestizzo Beg/Int
Rita's Waltz Video Jo Thompson Old Friend Scooter Lee Begin
Riversoul Video Rachel McEnaney-White The River Jacksoul Int/Adv
Rock & Move Video Susanne Houmøller Rock Your Body The Phonkers Begin
Rock and Roll Music Video Rachel McEnaney-White Rock and Roll Music Bryan Adams Beg/Int
Rock Paper Scissors Video Maggie Gallagher Rock-Paper-Scissors Katzenjammer Beg/Int
Rock This Party Video Simon Ward Rock This Party Bob Sinclair & Cutee B Interm
Rock Your Body Video Francien Sittrop Rock Your Body The Phonkers Interm
Rockin' Anita McNab Some Beach Blake Shelton Beg/Int
Rolling Down Under Video Ria Vos & Simon Ward A Change Is Gonna Come Wayne Brady Interm
Rolling In The Deep Video Maggie Gallagher Rolling In The Deep Adele Interm
Rolling Stone Video Niels Poulsen In My Bones Ray Dalton Interm
Rolling With Love Video Heather Barton & Simon Ward Hopelessly Devoted To You Delta Goodrem Int/Adv
Romance Video Pim Humphrey Just Another Woman In Love Anne Muray Begin
Romantasy Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs Alone With You Derailers Interm
Rooftop! Video Niels Poulsen Levels Nick Jonas Adv.
Roomba Video Guyton Mundy I Know You Want Me Pitbull Beg/Int
Roughcut Janice Patrice I'm From The Country Tracy Byrd Begin
Round & Round Video Guyton Mundy & Will Craig 4X4 Miley Cyrus Ft Nelly Interm
Round Of Applause Video Dee Musk Million Pound Girl Fuse ODG Int/Adv
Round Your Finger Video Joey Warren Round Your Little Finger Katherine McPhee Interm
Rose Garden Video Jo Thompson Rose Garden Scooter Lee Interm
Rubitin Video Maggie Gallagher Rub It In Jeff Bates Interm
Rule The World Video Kate Sala & Daan Geelen Rule The World Take That Adv.
Run Video Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs Run Jamie Knight Interm
Run Me Like A River Video Jo & John Kinser, Guillaume Richard, Roy Verdonk & Jef Camps River Bishop Brigs Interm
Run With Me Video Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Run With Me Calum Scott Interm
Running Video Video Will Craig Running James Bay Interm
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